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Computer Security

LanAgent - monitoring computers secretly
LanAgent is a program for monitoring computers on the local area network secretly. With LanAgent, you can effectively monitor how efficiently employees use their time at work

Data Media Safes
Protect valuable data from fire, theft and climate changes. Data safes at wholesale prices.

Computer Networking Solutions & IT Consulting
Next Digital offers computer networking solutions, IT consulting, computer network support, remote backup service, disaster recovery planning, network security services & more. We have locations in Edmonton & Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Authentication Key Encryption Software for Secure Embedded Systems
CryptLib crypto device support includes Smart-card based digital signatures, message encryption/decryption in secure hardware, Dallas iButtons, Datakeys, Hardware crypto accelerators, Fortezza cards and PKCS #11 devices.

SSL Certificate: RapidSSL,ThawteSSL, Verisign & GeoTrust SSL.
ClickSSL.com a ssl certificate provider provide all type of SSL Certificates. We provide rapidssl certificate, thawte ssl certificate, verisign ssl certificate, geotrust ssl certificate at very low cost.

Gamasec's Web Application Vulnerability Scan
Gamasec's web application vulnerability Scanning does automated search for security weaknesses in web applications and produces a detailed security report with recommendations for optimally matched solutions.

IT Security Company
An information security audit is one of the best ways to provide the assurances around the effectiveness of the existing controls, verify compliance with current security polices and validate that documented procedures are followed.

Information Security
Silensec is an Information Security service and training company

Comprehensive Computer Security Services
IOActive's highly experienced consultants collaborate with our clients to build upon their existing internal policies by incorporating leading industry practices/standards and aligning them with applicable regulatory and legislative requirements.

VPN Provider
Secure OpenVPN based virtual private network for internet security and anonymity.Anonyproz OpenVPN obscures your IP address by sending your traffic through an encrypted tunnel, using OpenVPN clients and servers.

Personal vpn
Anonymous encrypted VPN based Internet access service.

CyberSecurity News,Education, Certifications, and Vulnerabilities
Learn how to setup, defend and protect your network from would be intruders. We provide free cyber security videos, quizzes to test your knowledge, articles and content to inform you of industry best practices and emerging threats.

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